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The Beginnings

Beautifully Different & Unique Aamod

Twinkle Vachheta - Founder / Senior Designer


A Diploma Holder in Fashion Designing, Textile, Home Décor and Jewelry Designing, Twinkle Vachheta, The Founder of Aamod, has been keen in the Designing field from her childhood, from a young age her Creative Expertise, inspired her to launch her own brand Aamod.


From the start up till now her Guru / Mentor Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique has guided her and guided Miss Twinkle Vachheta toward her Journey in the Fashion Industry she has completed her Designing Education from the Gandhi Institute of Fashion & Textile (GIFT). Proficiency, simplicity and creativity, humbleness arising from quiet confidence has earned her both respect and clientele, Crafting the perfect look requires a lot of research, Aamod Designs are Creative, Versatile and Innovative in the Fashion and Designing Industry, Our Products are fresh and New designs It Takes Hard work and Dedication and a mind full of Creativity to give birth to new ideas and designs, Miss Twinkle Vachhetta explored a lot in the same field and have learned new things which help her out to come up with exceptional and beautiful Products.


We work on theme basis and our main purpose is to provide something different & unique, Twinkle Vachheta “ The name of our Brand was ‘Twinkle’ and now it’s Officially changed to Aamod I have learned base in Sanskrit & the Beautiful language it is, Sanskrit inspired me to change my Brand name to ‘Aamod’ in Sanskrit which means to give happiness / joy, the only reason of giving Sanskrit name is because being Indian and as Sanskrit is our foundation language it makes us connected to our tradition, The reason behind selecting this name Aamod is to make our client feel that they are wearing happiness and we feel that everyone is in search of happiness”


"Aamod" works on theme basis and we are best in giving the contemporary Ancient Fusion & Modern touch, In Fashion.


Aamod is a Famous Name & has Participated in Road Shows and Designer Fashion Events that Targets Fashion & Designs, One Of our successfull Event Sound Of Soul has been much Appreciated.

Our Vision

Is to Branch out as a Brand as well as to have exhibitions all over Gujarat.

Aamod 'The Brand' is a proud and creative work of Twinkle Vachheta, We Aspire to have Unique and Creative Designs for our Clients.

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Titanium City Centre Mall, No 178, Ahemdabad, 380015

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